How to Vote from Home: Absentee Ballot

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absentee ballotYou may have seen my previous post, How to be Lazy, which described a few ways I avoid wrecking myself (re: chronic illness) while still maintaining a high standard of living. The same holds true for my civic responsibilities. If you are eligible to vote, you really should. I don’t care who you’re voting for (frankly, it’s none of my business) but you need to do it.

Grinnell School Bond Vote

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grinnell voted noWell, the Vote No! faction of Grinnell have made their voices heard and they loudly proclaimed that they just DGAF about the welfare and education of the town’s public school children. Elementary school children are attending school in a 100-year-old building that hasn’t been updated in seventy years. It’s almost laughable in its pathos– like the images of the rural poor in China, the difference is that their schools are newly built. China sees itself as a world superpower and so invests in its future through education.

Grinnell: Reasons to Vote No

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grinnel schoolsOn September 11th, voters in Grinnell will decide whether to approve a tax bond measure to update theĀ Grinnell-Newburg Community School District‘s middle and high schools and to build a brand new elementary campus so that all of Grinnell’s youngest students can go to school together in a safe, modern building. This might all sound like a reasonable investment in the future- I mean, what kind of focus-on-the-family red-blooded American would not want to ensure that “We’re #1!”?

Yet, this school bond referendum has failed in the past. … And I think I’ve seen the light. Here are my eight reasons to vote NO on the Grinnell School Bond Referendum.