Instant Pot: First Impressions

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I’m a bit of a food nerd. I read about food history, watch cooking shows, pour over recipe blogs and books, and I love trying new restaurants. Over the past couple of years, I have heard a lot about the Instant Pot (if you live under a rock, it is an electric programmable pressure cooker/ multifunction cooker).  The claims range from time-saving to life-changing– entire lifestyles seem based on this one kitchen appliance.

Many years ago, when I was extremely young and married, my then-husband (from India) used a stove-top pressure cooker all the time to make dhal. It terrified me with its unpredictable screams and that one time it legitimately exploded. Imagine a kitchen ceiling shorn to the drywall, embedded with partially cooked lentils.

The horror.

The Instant Pot promises the speed of a pressure cooker with none of the terror. I had a lot of questions that could only be answered with personal experience. So I bought one.  Here are my initial impressions: