I provide writing, research, and critique services on a pay-per basis. Each case is unique, however, after discussing your project with you (and all information is treated confidentially) I will provide a quote for my services, which usually average out to around $30/hr plus expenses (e.g. if I need to pay for access to records as part of a research project– clients are always asked before being charged).

Caveat: academic fraud isn’t cool. So, kids, if you want someone else to do your homework for you, I can’t help you. Though I can transcribe if the actual typing is a problem for you. If you’re under 18, I’ll need to discuss payment with your parents or guardian regardless. 


Do you have something that needs writing but you just can’t seem to get started? Maybe it’s your online dating profile, a cover letter, or the dreaded “bio” section of your website. If you provide me with the necessary information, I will write that letter, essay, memo, profile, bio for you. What kind of information will I need? That depends on what needs writing. I will want to see any attempts or drafts you’ve created and then I will ask follow-up questions to make sure I understand your needs before providing you with a quote.


It’s like writing without the thinking involved. If you need audio or video transcribed, I can do that. Again, all information is treated confidentially. Students: this is one area that I can help with your homework. And you may be able to get your school to pay me for transcribing materials for you if a disability prevents you from typing or writing.


Perhaps you need something written but haven’t done the preliminary research– I can help you with that as well, with or without my writing services. This is an ideal outsourcing task for busy professionals, for example, if you want to comparison shop for high-end items or services I can do the busy work of calling around and following up reviews. Or perhaps you’re working on family history and would like some help sourcing archival information. A previous client (this is used with permission) wanted to know if it was possible to file for divorce for free. Short answer: it was. Long answer: I provided her with an easy to follow list of steps, including the forms necessary and where to deliver them, to file for divorce for free in her area. It saved her over $200 and that was with my fee. ($50)


You’ve done your research, you’ve written your thing but your friends or family aren’t the best at giving you a strong critique. That’s where I come in. My critique is like a proof-read combined with an overall review, with suggestions for improvements. It’s not a replacement for a professional edit, rather it’s something you would have done between 1st and 2nd drafts for making major changes.

Example 1: (used with permission) I provided a critique of a short story in which the protagonist and girlfriend attempt a dramatic rescue of what they think is a plane crash. The problem was that the author was a paramedic, while his characters were rural farmers. The characters were behaving too much like paramedics so as part of my critique I gave suggestions to research the psychology of good samaritans for better characterization.  ($30)

Example 2: (also used with permission) I provided critique + writing services for another client working on his CV. The major weakness was his bio section, which he’d based on the bios of other professionals in his field. My major critique was that the majority of the words meant nothing in the context and that filler words didn’t represent his style (minimalist, elegant) at all. In the rewrite, I was able to get the former paragraph down to one sentence that had more substance than the original. ($30)

Please contact me using the form below to get started! I look forward to working with you.