Disabled Parking is Not Storage

We’ve had a lot of snow this year. So much, in fact, we’re having trouble finding places to put it. The mall, which is surrounded by a vast parking lot, has small glaciers around its perimeter. Giant dump trucks are being used to cart loads of the white evil out of the city.

Businesses and residences with yard space are fortunate, they have space to pile up the snow without taking up parking spaces. For example, the local post office, which has a massive yard and a tiny parking lot– and are literally across the street from the “Streets Department”, where the snow plows and salt are stored.

Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 10.11.13 PM
Satellite image of the post office, with its ample yard space surrounding.

At this post office, with its little parking lot, there is one disabled accessible parking spot– no curb cuts or automatic door(s) but that’ll make sense in a moment.

So where do you think they’ll store the snow? In the yard, right? Well yes, yes they did. But they found another storage area in addition to the yard space!

USPS disable parking glacier

After this video was posted on Twitter, the City responded saying that they had called the location and told them to move the snow asap.

Two weeks later, and after three random days of temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s (notice the small glacial lake forming on the left) this is how much snow had been “moved”.

after 3 days of melting, weeks after being told to move it
What part of “Move the snow” eludes them?

Update: The warm spell was followed by more heavy snow and a blizzard and the snow was piled up in the handicapped parking spot yet again. A formal complaint was made, ADA violation, and whether that had anything to do with it, the snow was finally removed the first week of March. 

It’s not just the issue of snow or the post office not GAF about disabled people’s accessible parking. At my apartment complex, I have the only disabled parking space in an over-sized parking lot. If I am gone when any kind of work is being done on the buildings, the parking spot is completely covered in trucks and equipment.

Once, when they were roofing, I had to park across the parking lot then attempt to climb over a stack of plywood, shimmy around a mess of shingle bags, and try not to get caught in a tangle of pneumatic nail gun cords to reach the sidewalk — and once I cleared the gamut, I found myself dodging debris being thrown from the roof (three stories up) onto said sidewalk.

Another time, my car was parked in the disabled spot and the management company had carpet cleaning trucks parked across the lines and on the sidewalk that connected to them. It was a struggle as an ambulatory disabled person to get into my car. If I used a wheelchair I would have been trapped.

And that is exactly what happened to a woman at the hospital. 

van with ramp outI was leaving an appointment when I woman in a wheelchair flagged me down. The hospital had blocked off the roof of the ramp and some of the disabled parking with barricades when she had parked. The spaces to the right of her van were barricaded so she was able to get herself in and out of her van. This is the purpose of those white lines next to disabled parking spaces. She came out of the hospital to find the barricades gone and someone parked right next to her, blocking her loading door.

Disabled parking spaces aren’t a luxury, the parking space and the lines go together; no part of disabled parking spaces are for storage. Find somewhere else to park your snow, your motorcycle, your construction equipment, and your sport team busses– not even joking, check out the video below:

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