The Fly

Dream Log


I’ve always had trippy (and very plentiful) dreams. There are far too many to use them all as short-story fodder so I’ve decided to make them a regular section on this blog. If you’re an avid dream interpreter, I’d love to know what you make of it.

I am in British Columbia visiting an old friend. We love to take day trips into the mountains to see the sights, on this occasion we found a roller coaster- golf course high in the mountains. Assured that the roller coaster was more of a gentle ride through the mountain, we decided to try it. The trees were vibrant jewel tones of red, orange, yellow, and deep purple; with each bend of the track, a new breathtaking vista emerged. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t bring myself to take photos or videos of the scenes. Just below the tracks were valley floors of perfect green lawns dotted with white-clad golfers and their little carts.

Soon the track began to descend into a small town, coming to move along at sidewalk level around the town square. At one part of the sidewalk, there were construction cones and tape; a man with a sign said that this part of the track was a two-way so we needed to wait for a cart coming in the opposite direction.

After we passed the construction area the track brought us into a building that seemed a combination hotel, hospital lobby, and airport. The track rounded a bend in front of an escalator and stopped just below an elevated floor. There was a sign that said, “The Fly” and Jeff Goldblum crouched on the ledge and talked to my friend about the ride. They decided to try it together and I waited below. I understood that they were getting morphed into half dogs and then sent through a portion of the track full of fun experiences for people who are part dog. I suspected it would be smelly. When they returned, fully human and very happy with the ride my friend talked me into it.

I was raised up to the exposed floor level and placed in a metal harness suspended from the ceiling as the machine worked. I felt myself wanting to be on all-fours but the machine supported me in my quasi-canine state. A woman stood by and offered to help me take a selfie since I couldn’t completely grasp the concept or the phone. I got a brief glimpse of myself on the screen but there was something off about my vision, as though the screen had a really small field of vision.

I woke up as the harness started to pull us into the tunnel.


  • I have never seen “The Fly” but I understand that Jeff Goldblum becomes part fly? (I know, I know, I should watch it.)
  • I have been to British Columbia– my friend who lives there and I do go on adventures into the mountains but I have never been on a mountain roller coaster.
  • I do not golf but I live near a golf course.
  • I do not have a dog but I love them.

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