How to Vote from Home: Absentee Ballot

You may have seen my previous post, How to be Lazy, which described a few ways I avoid wrecking myself (re: chronic illness) while still maintaining a high standard of living. The same holds true for my civic responsibilities. If you are eligible to vote, you really should. I don’t care who you’re voting for (frankly, it’s none of my business) but you need to do it.

But who wants to make time in early November to schlep to a voting place? Possibly a place you’ve never been to which may not be accessible. And this may be in addition to your regular job or family obligations. If you’re like me, you can’t know if you’ll be physically able to leave the house on November 6th. Plus, it will be full of people you don’t know sharing pens with each other at the start of cold and flu season. There are plenty of good reasons not to vote on election day but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote.

Absentee Voting!

Did you know that anyone who is registered to vote can apply for an absentee ballot? You don’t need to be “absent” from the address you’re registered to vote at. You just need to be absent from your voting place on election day. It’s a fairly straightforward process. You will need to fill out an absentee ballot application (can be found online) and mail it into your county auditor’s office (they need a hard copy). They will mail you your absentee ballot. Fill it out from the comfort of your home and then return it by mail following the directions that came with the ballot.

Alternatively, you can, provided you are registered to vote, walk into your county auditor’s office any time between now and election day, request an absentee ballot and fill it out then and there. However, you cannot take the ballot away with you.

So I implore you, my fellow lazy but clever, responsible citizens: VOTE.

If you are in Iowa, here are some helpful links:

Register to Vote (some folks can register ONLINE!) 

Absentee Ballot Application

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