Hair Trends: Fall/Winter 2018

hair trends fall winter 18It feels as if anything goes when it comes to feminine hair trends this upcoming season but there are a few overarching themes that stand out:


  1. Natural hair colors: while I don’t think the interest in colorful hair is over (it’s just too much fun) it might be fading somewhat. The emphasis isn’t just on having a natural hair color but your own natural hair color.
  2. Symmetrical medium to long hair: gone are pixies and short bobs. But have no fear short hair lovers, that seems to be the case as the colder weather comes along. Also not seen: asymmetrical cuts– even obvious layers weren’t really visible, save the lightest fringe to soften around the face.
  3. Center partings: the most common look was the center part, followed by no part (slicked back) and finally a severe side part. Anyone remember when diagonal or zig-zag parting was the thing? 
  4. Experimenting with texture and movement (or lack thereof): Have fun this season with texture and movement, whether your own natural texture or created. The runways saw styles from slicked, wet-looking hair on straight, wavy or curly locks; as well as contrasting sleek and smooth looks with soft and fly-away waves or stiff molded updos. 
  5. Ponytails: sleek, messy, loose, tight, twisted, high or low, ponytails will stand out this fall. Let your messy buns hang free! 
  6. Braids: Another option for up-dos, though they are not as prevalent as ponytails on the runway braids were a popular option for playing with texture. Try a hybrid, braided ponytail, if you are daring enough. 
  7. Historical looks: overall, runway hair had a very 1970’s vibe to it, however, looks from the 1920’s (stiff finger waved bobs), 1960’s mile-high teased updos, and 80’s frizzy curls with playful hair accessories were seen.
  8. Wigs: I think wigs are going to become a more accessible trend in the coming years. They are such an easy way to completely transform a look without damaging natural hair or exposure to chemical hair treatments (or the time it takes to grow out a look). I just wish the darn things were more comfortable. It’s like an instant migraine for me.
  9. Hair Accessories: straight barrettes and thick headbands were the most visible accessories, however also seen were ponytail holders that coordinated with one’s outfit. Rumor has it banana clips are coming back– god help us all if scrunchies make a comeback.

For those of you that don’t want to wash your hair, I recommend the “slick” part with “textured” ends look. Just let your scalp get really oily without brushing your hair, I think a week or two will do it. Then, pass a comb through the first few inches of hair, the comb should touch your scalp. Then stop. Perfection. Greasy-Chic. Many of these looks, even the ones intended to look clean and natural, require a lot of products and styling. This is another reason I think wigs are going to be popular, especially for the more severe looks, eh-hem, Marc Jacobs, I’m looking at you. 

Final thoughts: It’s really not very inspiring. I’m not really seeing anything new. It’s a bit like the movies of late, everything is a reboot of previous trends. But at least there is plenty of variety. No matter your hair type or texture (or even if you have hair) you’re bound to find a trend to jump on this fall and winter. But don’t forget to keep your ears warm, m’kay.

And kids, those banana clips like the taste of human scalp. You’ve been warned.


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